「 no need to battle with rhymes 」

✑ I got a hammer that'll shatter your mind

ʙᴀᴅ ɢɪᴢɪʙᴇ。
26 February
( gone )
1tym for your mind, 2ne1 nolza!, band aid talks, bangin' oppadeul, big bang, blackjacks, carryin' corn coma bommie-unnie, fluent in yoda, jeremy-unni, kobe beef, lovin' dara-unnie, miffy and rilakkuma tattoos, mommy chaerin always conquers, new evolution world tour, rilakkuma, sandwiches, sapface, seoul's baddest female, shoehead, shoppin' therapy, spartan language, sunglasses collection, swagdom, tangerines for dalong, teasin' gong mingkki, the baroness, the meatiest marriage, the trusty irin, vip for life, winner, xiao tian, yg family family family, ➄➀➆, ・㉨・